Ship Management

Located in Gdynia, at the heart of the Polish maritime activity, Green Management provides part- or full management services focusing on sound shipping practices. Quality crew and a competent technical administration are two major contributors to our success.

Through our ship owning background we understand the requirements of owners facing challenging markets and the complexities resulting therefrom. Performing ship management on the basis of our core values, we

· are transparent and respect the client

· budget realistically

· perform our service reliably

· don’t compromise on standards

· are proactive

· deliver

Technical management

Our technical management encompasses the dedicated care, maintenance and upkeep of a vessel and its machinery to ensure its reliable and continuous deployment and optimize its performance and condition.

Through preventive maintenance systems coupled with pragmatic policies on expenditure and controls, we have achieved a standard of budget adherence at no cost to fleet condition or service performance. Vessels under our management continue to meet our set standards on condition and operating efficiency. Our prospective clients are at liberty to choose any one of our ships and its service record for inspection.

People remain our strongest asset. Fleet, Ship and Marine Managers are ex mariners. Combined with other shore staff they accrue years of experience in shipping throughout the world.

Our services comprise:

· Implementation of operating budgets and corresponding monthly reporting

· Certification as per statutory, international and class requirements

· Application of Preventive Maintenance Systems

· Supply of stores and consumables

· Lubricating Oils and additives

· Maintenance and upkeep under close monitoring within the responsible Fleet Team

· Repairs and Dry Dockings

· Insurance; placement and claims handling

· Lay-up care

· Technical and Condition reporting. Regular inspections of the vessel by the responsible superintendent

· IT services. Satellite and terrestrial communication

Crew management

Good crew is the fundamental element in the value added chain of Ship Management. Crew management demands the ability to balance the seafarers’ customs and cultures with the different working environments at sea. Compliance with statutory as well as international regulations in combination with regular practical and theoretical training enable us to produce the right fit in matching ship and crew.

Our exclusive crew recruiting bases at Kaliningrad and Gdynia are complemented with additional representations in the Philippines, The Baltic States, Yalta and Odessa.

The social welfare and care of our people, be that on board or ashore is ensured by the responsible human resources personnel in the respective fleet teams, who also process the crews’ performance evaluations. During regular visits to the vessels we thoroughly focus on crew related matters as part of our standard inspection and guidance procedure.

Our services comprise:

· Sourcing the most compatible crew provenance for the ship and the client

· Preparation and training / medical screening

· Rotation plans, travelling and wages

· Evaluation of performance

· Comprehensive crew risk insurances placement and claims handling

· Victualling, provision of working clothing, vessel’s cash requirements

Core values

We have core values to shape our company culture and identify conduct important to our success.

DEDICATED we make the right decision – we are in the right place – we act professional being assertive in our actions based on facts and competence.

RESPONSIBLE we conduct our tasks in the best way and in accordance with owner’s expectations – we feel responsibility for our colleagues and help when necessary – we are aware that our actions are important to the company and we take responsibility for all our activities and don’t leave a problem until it is fixed.

TRUSTWORTHY our conduct leads to long-term reliable relations with customers, suppliers and other business partners – we build loyalty through fulfilling requirements and meeting expectations, or at least communicating clearly and respectfully if we are not able to.